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Part 3 of 3

Before the time Candidate Digong came forward with a genius strategy of going for the Presidency with his “urong-sulong,” “now you see him, now you don’t” campaign approach, only a few people have really heard of federalism. I suspected Manila voters were at first indifferent to the idea.

The first part of this three-column series discussed the four preconditions to a less painful, sustainable and successful shift to federalism. As I have previously said, revising the 1987 Constitution needs a FRAMEWORK, a step-by step process, a roadmap, so we won’t be lost even after the end of President Digong’s term.

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Among the four preconditions, the most important to a shift from unitary to a federal system is the creation of real political parties free from the clutches of political dynasties.

Part 1 of 3

There are no clearer marching orders given to Congress than the pronouncement of President Rodrigo Duterte in his recent SONA that the Philippines should adopt a federal-parliamentary government modeled after France, with a “strong” President. Federalism was a major rallying cry for then presidential candidate Digong (the other was peace and order). We are looking at a leader who is keeping his word.