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We are a newly formed political party that is:
1. Member based
2. Ideologically Oriented
3. With Internal Democracy
4. We don't owe our existence to patrons

- We have a clear political ideology, built on the core value of HUMAN DIGNITY, guided by principles of Christian and Muslim social teachings to be spelled down to concrete and credible political concepts and programs;

- We have a mission to serve the people of this country and not some organizers, oligarchs or dynasties looking for power and profits;

- We are a party with a plan to effectively address the systematic problems of our country, reduce poverty, increase competitiveness, create jobs, protect the environment, improve judicial system and make democracy work as the rule of the people respecting the rule of law;

- We are a party that will hold accountable through its members our elected representatives not only during election times but also in between the campaign periods;

- We are a party owned, funded, and controlled by its dues paying members - ordinary committed citizens of the Philippines.

- We abhor the POLITICS OF PATRONAGE which has perverted our Political lives for decades.

- Our country is in bad shape - 26 years after our peaceful revolution and the restoration of democracy; hardening poverty, ongoing impunity, low competitiveness, weak rule of law, no real democratic participation of the citizens, dark prospects for so many young people. The problems now are in the system not with the Filipino. The system provides no way out of poverty for millions of families; no incentives for integrity and good performance; no possibilities for ordinary citizens to be active stakeholders in our democracy. We cannot wait for change happening one day in the far future. We, the citizens, have to fight for change. NOW!

The Centrist Democratic Party of the Philippines is a National Political Party, established and organized countrywide by thousands of young, idealistic professionals and by Christians and Muslims accredited by COMELEC on September 12, 2012. The members come from all sectors and classes of society: from the youth and labor, farming, fishing, and small services, civil society and government service, academe and business. The CDP is not a party-list of a marginalized group or a single sector. its diverse members are unified in their longing for a better Philippines, following the principles of personal freedom and responsibility, justice and solidarity, equal opportunities and subsidiarity.

In spite of delayed decision of COMELEC on the accreditation of CDP, we started to field candidates in the upcoming local and national elections in order to fight change.