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The inability of the post-martial law administrations to institute badly-needed reforms and elevate the citizenry to a position at least at par with its neighbors belie the claim and promise of the 1986 People Power Revolution. These regimes, which were purportedly CD-driven, exposed the falsity of applying palliatives to the systemic nature of problems. Especially obnoxious was the continuance and proliferation of the practice of patronage politics in the political life of the nation.

This was the impetus for some of the remnants of the Centrist Democrats of the late 1960\'s and early 1970\'s to band together and re- examine the premises and postulates which bound them together in the first place. Fresh initiatives were started to make certain shifts: a different political structure (from a parliamentary form within a Federal Republic), a different economic paradigm (a social market economy with clear social underpinnings), electoral reforms,and reinforcing the rule of law. All of these were to be effected with in the ambit of the establishment and institutionalization of real political parties.