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The years following the fall of Marcos and the ascendancy of Cory Aquino were the year s of great expectations. In the early years of the Cory regime, she was given ample leeway by the populace. She could not do wrong. Or so it seemed.

After the repressive regime of the conjugal dictatorship, Cory Aquino’s government was deemed transitory at best as she herself proclaimed that her role was merely to bring back democracy. Judgment is still suspended whether what was brought back was the substance rather than the illusion, or worse, the replanting of the seeds of a new oligarchy with its attendant flowering of patronage politics.

The Fidel V. Ramos (FVR) presidency saw the ascendancy of Christian Democracy through the LAKAS-NUCD-CMD party. Joseph E. Estrada (Erap) followed Ramos as president. He was ousted from office, the brief interregnum of his presidency emphasizing the impermanence of regimes that were not anchored on truly Christian Democratic concepts.