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After a hiatus of almost two decades, the remnants of the CD were scattered all over the political topography; their frustrations driving them to either lodge themselves with the extreme left; or have allowed themselves to be co-opted to regimes in need of their political skills.

A few of us in the southern part of the country felt we were advancing in age and we needed to chart a legacy–pass the torch, a sit were to a new generation of Centrist Democratic political technocrats and operators who may have to carry on the task of lifting the Pilipino from the socio-political-economic quagmire we, the older generation have helped put them into.

The year 2009-Rey Teves, my partner at the Technical Assistance Centre for the Development of the Rural and Urban Poor (TACDRUP), a Mindanao NGO and I decided to conceptualize the SUCCESSOR GENERATION.

In the course of developing this concept for several months, Rey succumb to pneumonia in November of that year.Enter into the scene in September 2009, Peter Koeppinger, the new Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung(KAS) country representative. A member of the CDU, the leading Christian Democratic Party in Germany and our partners since Manglapus’ time, he understood the necessity of forming a real political party.

Thus, the creation of the Centrist Democratic Movement(CDM) –composed of young professionals who must first understand the uses, misuses, abuses and even non-use of political power. In 2011, We brought along leaders of the CDM Federation to Germany to see first-hand how a country devastated by the World War II picked itself up from the ashes and through the Christian Democratic concepts of Social Market Economy elevated their people propelling their economy to no.4 in the world today.

In May 9,2011,at the Maritim Hotel in Berlin,13 CDM leaders drew up a document declaring their intentions to transform the CDM into a political party, as some future date. The document is called the“Berlin Protocol.” The Centrist Political Party: Ang Partido ng Tunay na Demokrasya was on the way.